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Andal Law Group of Orange County, Ca

Free Consultation and Cost Effective Fee Structures

At The Andal Law Group, we are truly focused on serving our clients. With the high costs of living and doing business in California, we do not want to create another cost barrier to you getting the legal help that you need. We know that the costs of legal representation can sometimes prevent deserving individuals and businesses from obtaining competent representation, if any at all. That’s why we provide free initial consultations and cost effective fee structures.

Our experience has shown that the traditional “hourly fee” may not be the best arrangement for every client or circumstance and that is why The Andal Law Group is open to a wide variety of fee structures including flat fees, contingency fees and hybrid fees in qualified cases. We offer exceptional representation at reasonable rates.

Our policy on personal injury, wrongful death, and product liability matters is “NO RECOVERY, NO FEE.” In addition, we advance all costs on your behalf so that you are never out of pocket. We can even get you quality medical care if you don’t have insurance and access to financial assistance to help you during your difficult time.

Call us now to schedule your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION! Let us see how we can put our expertise to use for you. There is absolutely NO RISK or OBLIGATION.